About the project

Title of the project: Improving Sustainability, Competitiveness and Quality of Milk in the Romanian-Republic of Serbia Cross-Border Region

Project MIS ETC number 1233



Priority Axis 1: Economic and Social Development

Measure 1.4: Support increased levels of R&D and innovation in the border region


Lead Partner:

Sheep and Goats Research & Development Institute Caransebes Romania

Partner 2:

Veterinary Specialized Institute Zrenjanin Serbia


Project Objectives:

  • Evaluation of milk quality and influencing factors in the cross-border region Romania-Republic of Serbia;
  • Development of an high-specialized center for milk quality research throughout the acquisition of state of the art equipment;
  • Development of an training center for Romanian and Serbian farmers in the field of milk quality;
  • The specific objective, is to improve sustainability, competitiveness and quality of milk in the Romanian-Republic of Serbia cross-border region.
  • Target Groups: Milk producers; Breeder’s Professional Associations; Specialists; Students; Researchers; Milk consumers; Dairy factories.

Duration of implementation: 12 months [01.01.2016-31.12.2016]